New GTA V Trailer June 4th Midnight Or To Be Shown At E3

Remember a couple days ago we published (Unconfirmed) leaked info which was telling us, A new GTA V trailer will be launched on june 4th in time for E3 event. Or possible be shown at the event itself. Well gameinformer magazine seem to think something is happening too. Also a xbox magazine seem to think they are printing new info about GTA V too.

Credit goes to enjoithepain for this picture.

The above image is in Gameinformer magazine which clearly highlights New GTA V Trailer.  Now we dont exactly know whether it will be released at the event or not. but it definately looks like a new GTA V trailer is certainly on its way.. Us fans have been waiting and waiting for a new one, And finally it looks like there will be another :) . what do you think? are you happy about this? Bare in mind this is all unconfirmed right now, we can only go on whats provided. But what else could it be???