Secret Games At E3, Could GTA V Be One Of Them?

Its the last day of E3 today and so far we have had no info regarding GTA V nor have we had another trailer, There is alot of speculation that the game may show up today at the final day of E3. There is a secret game or games listed in the schedule and GTA V could just be one of those titles, See schedule below.

Notice the 3 secret game slots starting from 4:20pm? Many online retailers have now listed GTA V as a E3 title. And if GTA V will show, then it will be in one of those slots. I guess we can only wait and see what will happen later. Watch E3 Live at . So what do you think? this is the last day of E3 and we are all hoping for something about GTA V. If you know what those secret games are then please leave a comment and post them. Just so we can clear a few things up.