How To Make Millions On The GTA V Stock Market

How To Make Millions On The GTA V Stock Market


The biggest tip is to leave the last Assassination Missions with lester til after you have completed the story.

Make sure to quicksave before you answer the phone just incase you make a mistake. You can always restart!

Make sure you do this with all 3 characters to have them all millionaires!!!

The Hotel Assassination: Buy BetaPharma (Bet on the Bawsaq) before the mission then sell after when it goes high. ( do the sleep save to make the days pass quicker)

The Multi Target Assassination: Invest in Debonaire before the mission. After the mission pull out of Debonaire and then INVEST in Redwood and pull out when this goes high again.!!!!

The Vice Assassination: Invest in FRT (Fruit) on BAWSAQ before the mission starts. After completing the mission the share price will spike at around 50%, so sell when it hits that mark. Afterwards, invest in Facade (found on BAWSAQ) while prices are low. The company will make a valiant comeback after around 2 days and share prices will rise again.

The Bus Assassination:: Invest in Vapid AFTER you complete the mission. Cash out when you made your cut! after 2-3 day in game saves.

The Construction Assassination: buy GoldCoast (GCD on LCN) before the mission then sell when this goes high too.



Go to hitch lift 1 with Michael to pick the guy up. He should tell you about an increase in stock on the way to the airport. Before you pick the guy up though make sure all of your characters are invested in Tinkle stocks.